Member of WA French Festival Inc. Q&A and T&C

more about becoming a member

Do I get a Membership Card?

No physical membership card will be provided as WAFF has a very clear position regarding sustainability.

An electronic card (image of the membership card) will be sent to every nominated member. It is therefore important that the name of every members for a family membership be clearly provided.

A proof of identity can be requested by any partner to which you will present your card for benefit and discount entitlement.

How do I benefit from Discounts?

For the events organised by WAFF you will be able to access our events via your dashboard once you have logged in.

For our partners you will either get a discount code visible on your dashboard for online purchases otherwise you will need to show your membership card to our partners in order to get the discount.

Can other people than me benefit from Discounts?

Only the members can benefit from the discounted price for our events and for our partners.

If you have an individual or concession membership only YOU can benefit from the discounted price.

If you are a family you, your spouse and your children under 18 years of age will be able to benefit from discounted prices.

The purpose of becoming a member is to support our initiative if you start purchasing discounted tickets for your friends it defeats the purpose 🙂 Please encourage your friends and family to become themselves members so they to can benefit from reduced prices.

Can I change my details?

You will be able to change your details on your Joinit Dashboard. Please contact us at members@bonjourperth.com.au if you need some help

Can I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership on your Joinit Dashboard. Please contact us at members@bonjourperth.com.au if you need assistance.

Can I get a refund?

Please note that membership fees are non-refundable.

Pro-rata for membership will be available for the last quarter prior to the renewal of the membership.

When do I lose my Memberships privileges?

If a Member pays the annual membership fee within 3 months after the due date, the Member retains all the rights and privileges of a Member for the purposes of these Rules during that time.

If a person fails to pay the annual Membership fee within 3 months after the due date, the person ceases to be a Member.

Do I have the right to vote?

All our paid memberships class are associate Members. An associate member has no right to vote, but has all other rights provided to a Member under the Rules and other rights and benefits as determined by the Committee or by resolution of Members at a General Meeting.

Personal information use and disclosure

The WAFF Inc.complies with all relevant Commonwealth and State legislation governing its operations