The Naturopaths Corner

The Naturopaths Corner

Manon is a degree qualified Naturopath who is passionate about healing the body naturally.She is fluent in both French and English and can support you in the language you feel the most comfortable in.

Naturopathy is a personalised holistic approach to health and wellbeing aiming at treating the underlying causes of patients’ health issues as well as providing symptomatic relief. It also plays an important role in preventative medicine.

Naturopathy utilises several modalities:

-Dietary & Lifestyle interventions

-Nutritional Medicine

-Herbal Medicine

During the Festival, you will be able to:

-DIY: Make your own Healing Herbal Tea from a range of Organic medicinal dried herbs,

-Get your hands on some of Manon’s go-to products,

-Ask Manon about Naturopathy and how it can help you,

-Book your Naturopathic consultation at a discounted price*. The consultation will take place later at her clinic; a peaceful space where she can access practitioner only supplements and has a full liquid herbal dispensary.

*Discount only on the initial consultation fee and does not include prescribed products.

Location: Scarborough
Country Represented: Mauritius and France