The French Pantry

The French Pantry

The French Pantry is based in Nannup and is owned by Stephanie. It a National Award Winning Charcuterie and Truffle Butter. They also do some homemade Beeswax Wraps & Reusable Food Bags. You can find them at various markets and other locations. Please contact them for further information.

Location: Nannup, WA (& Various Markets around WA)
Country Represented: France

Farmhouse Pork Terrine


– 700 grs pork shoulder

– 300 grs pork fat

– 18 grs salt

– 3 grs pepper

– 7 grs garlic

Step by step

– pre heat oven to 200 celcius degrees

– mince pork shoulder and fat

– incorporates all ingredients together ( meat, fat, salt, pepper and garlic)

– place all ingredients in a terrine dish, i would suggest to line the dish with baking paper first.

– place Terrine dish in oven in a BAIN MARIE for 30mn at 200 degrees celcius then reduce oven to 180 degrees celcius until your terrine is cook at 80 degrees celcius at the middle of the terrine a sonde is needed for that process.

About Stephanie Cornu

Stephanie moved to Australia in 1997. She is not a chef but created The French Pantry in 2016 and quickly gained a following for her authentic terrines and rillettes. She is passionate with what she does and learnt how to make rillettes and terrines from the Chalmel family in her native Brittany. Her butter has also been gaining fans.