Sustainability Area

Let's go green!

As part of our effort to minimize our environmental impact, we are working with WRITE Solutions Australia to transform the way we manage waste!

All food to be consumed on the day will be given in compostable containers or in dishes that can be washed in the washing station. No single-use plastic containers.

We’ll have a three-bin system – organics, recycling and general waste – so that we can compost all organic waste (like food scraps) and compostable packaging. Volunteers will be on hand to help you sort out your waste.

By diverting organic waste from landfill we support a circular economy and reduce our carbon footprint. Just 1kg of organic waste decomposing in landfill produces 1.90kg of CO2e!

You will also be able to join WRITE Solutions at their stall in the Sustainability Area to learn more about waste in a fun and educational way.


Our event is very easy to access via public transportation. Most of you have been at least once to the iconic Subiaco Oval to watch a Footie Game. If you know how to get there you, you know how to come to us – we are just in the park next door!

New this year, we have installed 2 bicycle parking stations near 2 of the entrances (Subiaco & North Entry) that can accommodate 10 bicycle each. So if you decide you want to do a bit of exercise, save the planet and eat more FRENCH FOOD without feeling the guilt, simply cycle to the festival! You have also quite a lot of bicycle parking available thanks to City of Subiaco around the venue more info on button below


We will have the pleasure to welcome in the Sustainability Area, Raphael a French gardener who had an amazing idea and created something different…

Raphael’s Edible Gardens is a service dedicated to help people produce their own food in their dream garden.

From a small herb pot to an edible forest, no projects are too big or too small.

The ecological benefits of such actions are huge, the need in energy to produce the food is next to none, it’s radically efficient to solve some of the world’s problems today.


Come and join him to discover and participate to his project!