Romain Lassiaille

About Romain Lassiaille

Romain Lassiaille commenced as Pullman Bunker Bay Resort’s Pastry Chef in September 2016, taking the resort’s dessert offerings to exquisite new heights.

Romain hails from France and has worked in numerous French Michelin-star rated restaurants, from Peru to Switzerland. He says while his mum inspired his early love of food and sweets, it was Thomas Sporrer at Gstaad Palace in Switzerland who has provided professional inspiration.

“He inspired my creativity. He has such an innovative and crazy style – he loved perfection on a plate, and we would always strive to do things creatively to improve our skills. From an early age my mum was always cooking and making a lot of sweets when I was little, I would help her in the kitchen. It was my favourite place to be with my parents

Romain’s personal cooking style has a less traditional influence.

You can enjoy Romain’s sweet delights at a Pullman Bunker Bay High Tea, or when dining at ocean-view Other Side of the Moon Restaurant for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Location: Pullman Bunker Bay
Country Represented: France

Mille Feuille black sésame and white chocolate 


ganache white chocolate and black sesame ;

50g black sesame

100g olive oil

400g cream

500g white chocolate

Composition of Ginger Orange and Native Pepper Berrie 

Meringue ginger orange:

100g sugar

100g icing sugar

100g egg white

1 orange  and 2g of ground ginger fresh

Orange tuile:

100g butter

250g sugar

1 orange zeste

120g orange juice

80g flour

Orange sorbet:

500g orange puree

25g lemon juice

175g sugar

30g  glucose

40g water

Vanilla sable:

400g flour

160g sugar

60g almond meal

4 g salt

240g butter

80g eggs

Mousse orange white choc:

180g orange puree

6g gelatine

280g white choc

370g creame

vanilla yogurht mousse:

300g yogurht

20g honey

50g sugar

1 vanilla stick

300g cream

6g gelatine

orange confite:

1 orange

100g sugar

100g water

orange caramelised:

1 orange

100g water

100g sugar