Ocean’s 6019

Ocean’s 6019

Located along the Scarborough Beach Esplanade, Oceans is the quintessential bar by the sea. Our patrons are invited in to kick-back and enjoy a relaxing and casual atmosphere, with great food, signature drinks, all the while soaking up those endless ocean views!
The bar offers indoor and outdoor dining, including a spacious beer garden, themed tiki cocktail and dedicated rum bars, live music area and an arcade games section, for those looking to indulge in some nostalgic fun. We pride ourselves on providing a flavour rich, versatile menu, with everything from tapa share plates to popular pub mains. All dishes are made to order, using only fresh and locally sourced produce. We believe this is what sets our bar above the rest

Location: Scarborough, WA
Country Represented: Mauritius

Jerk Chicken Wings

Highest quality free range Chicken Wings ( locally source)
Homemade Jerk Sauce- combination of special spices combined with fresh chilli,
soya sauce & orange juice. With a hint of Thyme & Coriander

About Chris Joson

My name is Chris and I am part of the culinary team at Oceans. I moved to Australia from Mauritius 6 years go and have been working at Oceans ever since following my passion for cooking.
The inspiration for the style in which I cook, stems from my childhood learning the traditional ways of mauritian cooking with my mother. These teachings are reflected, in the way I cook in the kitchen at Oceans and the dishes we have on offer. I believe in only using locally sourced fresh ingredients, to create food experiences that indulge the senses and are flavour rich.