2018 See Subiaco

Bonjour Perth is delighted to host many Subiaco based businesses, some who have just joined in and some who have been with us since our “debuts”.


We want to acknowledge the support of See Subiaco for the past two years who have hosted our French Festival in the heart of Market Square.

This year, come and enjoy the See Subiaco Urban Village, take a souvenir with you under the Floral Arch displayed close to the Subiaco entrance of the Festival

Enjoy a French Bulldog Parade with a Floral twist presented by See Subiaco this year near the main stage on the Main Catwalk!

Visit some Subiaco businesses showcased at the Festival and don’t forget to visit them in Subiaco!

Wake up your taste buds with a delicious Mediterranean French influence cuisine in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. A place to relax and enjoy amazing food, wine, music and a fire place for the fresh winter nights!

Did you know the concept of Tajine was first mentioned in the famous One Thousand and One Nights, an Arabic-language story collection from the ninth century?
Wait a second….. you never had one? Hurry up and book a table at Meeka and be delighted by the cuisine Head chef Leah will offer you!

Sophie originally from France runs a Boutique Pilates Studio located in the heart of Subiaco. She is offering Pilates in its purest form, using the exercises and Pilates equipment created by Mr. Joseph Pilates himself to enable you to stretch and strengthen with control.

With over half a million registered pétanque players in the world, spread in 78 countries, from Marocco to Vietnam, Petanque is one of the most played sport in France.
Whether you like Pastis or not, a game of pétanque is always very fun! Grab your “boules” or borrow some from the Subiaco Petanque Club and join the Wednesday or Saturday sessions for only $2!

Les Petites Grenouilles is “le rendez vous” of French speaking families!
Every Thursday, this playgroup based in Subiaco offers the opportunity to all French speaking families to get together, share special moments with their children while singing French lullabies, read French books and practice their artistic skills!

Not only do we love the Almond milk body balm or the beautiful lavender foaming bath but also the fact that L’Occitane develops products that are increasingly respectful of both mankind and the world we live in. With eco-refills and much of the packaging made with recycled materials they always ensure sustainability is a key word in their production line.
Visit l’Occitane Subiaco today to treat a friend, or why not simply you?